Vitamin C offers many benefits, including giving your immune system a boost as both an anti-viral and antioxidant. However, with limits on the amount of Vitamin C you can take orally in capsule or liquid form, we offer a solution to give your body the boost it needs in the form of our Vitamin C IV Therapy.

The drip is made up of a combination of Vitamin C and saline, and offers benefits to you including:

  • Detoxification
  • Improved skin health
  • Reduced tiredness and fatigue
  • Boosts your immune system during and after exercise
  • Aids collagen formation to give your skin elasticity and support

Our highly trained IV specialist doctors will undertake an in-depth consultation with you prior to you having the treatment to ensure you are fully aware of the process. The treatment time for our intravenous Vitamin C therapy is approximately 30 minutes.

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