When you’re feeling low in energy, our NADH IV Therapy can give you the boost you need; providing you with the get-up and go to attack every day. NAD is required for energy production and its natural production slows with age, so low levels of this will lead to fatigue. Thankfully this drip can supercharge you and your cells, instantly giving you an energy boost.

Ideal for anyone looking to improve their athletic performance, enhance brain performance, and speed up the recovery time linked to jet lag, our NADH IV Therapy offers many benefits to many different individuals.

Our NADH IV drip includes:

  • NAD
  • Sodium Chloride

The treatment time for our NADH IV Therapy is approximately 25 minutes. We can tailor a treatment plan to suit you, and while this drip can be offered as a one-off treatment, we recommend a course of treatment for the best long-term results. With 4-8 treatments over the course of 2-3 months, you will feel the full effects on your general wellbeing and day-to-day energy levels.

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